Reasons My Vizio Tv Has Power But No Picture Or Sound

Television malfunctions can be a major cause of frustration. Reasonable prices make Vizio televisions a great value, but there is a risk of problems down the line. Some Vizio HDTVs have a problem with the television having power but providing no picture or sound. It’s important to figure out what is wrong before you make a decision on a costly repair.

Power Supply

According to, the power supply is a frequent source of audio and video problems. These problems often are caused by overheating of the power supply. Generally, when the power supply overheats you will hear a loud pop noise as the television loses its picture and sound. This noise occurs when a capacitor is blown. Often when the power supply breaks, the power button will not work and the television will need to be plugged or unplugged to turn the power on or off. There is a slight positive aspect to a power-supply malfunction: When it overheats and stops working, it prevents further damage from other components overheating.


If there was no pop sound as the TV stopped working, the problem could be the motherboard. One way to check for a motherboard problem is to look through the vents in the back of the television and see if the backlight is still working. If the backlight is off, there is a different cause; but if the backlight is on, the motherboard could be the problem. Fixing a blown motherboard can be difficult, because it may not have black marks or other signs of burning to identify broken parts. On the bright side, you may not have to replace the whole motherboard. The solution may be as simple and inexpensive as replacing a single fuse, according to

Backlight Inverter Board

If you look inside the television through the vents and see that the backlight is not working, the problem could be a broken backlight inverter board. Tech writer Steve DiRaddo says the backlight inverter board is used to project video onto the screen. If this is your issue, the board will need to be replaced.


Do not attempt to repair the television yourself unless you have extensive experience with electronics, as a mistake could cause further damage. Shop around for places to repair the TV. Some places take advantage of customers who don’t realize the fix is not nearly as expensive as the price they charge. Before taking the television to a repair shop, contact Vizio or the store that sold the TV, and see if any warranties will cover the repair. According to, Vizio has expanded warranty coverage, and will pay for the costs of shipping the TV to be fixed.