Receive Local Hd Channels On Comcast

Watch local HD stations on your television.

Comcast cable service provides all local television stations in the area, so you don’t need any additional antennas or receivers to watch your local news or other local programming. However, if you want to watch the local programming in high definition (HD) you must make a few content adjustments, including ordering the HD package from Comcast, before you are able to view the programming in full HD.


1. Call Comcast (1-800-Comcast) and give the customer service representative your local address, billing name and all other required information. Request to upgrade to the HD service. You are asked a date and timeframe for which you can accommodate a service technician who will stop by and install the new HD receiver.

2. Connect an HDMI cable into the “HD Out” port on the Comcast receiver, then plug the other end of the cable into the “HDMI In” port on the television.

3. Power on the TV and the Comcast receiver. Select the HDMI input from the television menu and the programming appears on the screen. However, you may notice the content is not in full HD yet. This is because you must still adjust some of the receiver’s HD settings.

4. Push the “Menu” button on the Comcast receiver, then select “Options.” Choose the “Aspect Ratio” option, then select either “720” or “1080,” depending on what the television’s resolution is. Accept the changes and the programming appears in full HD