Record Dj Mix Using Virtual Dj

Use Virtual DJ to create DJ mixes.

When recording a DJ mix using Virtual DJ, you must have the Virtual DJ application as well as audio samples to compose the mix. The Virtual DJ application allows you to mix, edit and compose audio samples and blend them into one mix, which is called “cross-fading.” The Virtual DJ interface extends its musical reach by offering broadcasting and CD burning options for your DJ mix once it’s created.


1. Select songs you want to mix.

Open the Virtual DJ application and wait for it to load to the application screen. Select the songs you want to use to compose the DJ mix by clicking the “Open” drop-down menu, which is located above each turntable.

2. Preview the songs before mixing.

Press the “Play” button on the “Preview” turntable located on the left of the screen. Queue the song you plan to mix on the “Queue” turntable on the right.

3. Prepare the track for recording.

Click the “Record File” icon, which is located by a disk below the left turntable. Hit the “Start Recording” button located in the middle of the interface and save the file once prompted; then click the “OK” button.

4. Hit the “Record” button and create a mix by pressing “Play” on the “Preview” turntable then mixing the audio on the “Queue” turntable into the song. Select different effects to blend in by selecting them from the center of the application interface.

5. Use the cross-fader slider, which is located in the middle of the two turntables, to mix songs back and forth. Press the “Stop Recording” button when you are done.