Record Hd Tv To A Dvd

HD broadcasts can be saved and burned to standard definition DVDs.

High definition television (HDTV) broadcasts using signals and file types that cannot be transferred directly to DVD disks. DVDs contain video files that display images in standard definition, rather than high definition, so HDTV images must be converted to a standard definition file before they can be burned onto DVD disks. Many HDTV receivers are set top boxes, containing Digital Video Recorder (DVRs) that can record HDTV broadcasts. Connect a DVR to a DVD recorder, which records HDTV programs to DVD as you play them back.


1. Record the HDTV program desired for transfer to DVD, on the HDTV receiver’s built-in DVR. Set the program to record, using the built-in program planner, or record it manually as you watch the broadcast. This stores the HDTV broadcast on the personal video recorder (PVR) hard drive.

2. Connect the HDTV DVR to the DVD recorder, using a composite connection cable. Composite connection cables have three, color-coded connectors on each end. The yellow connector is used to transfer video signals while red and white connectors transfer the left and right audio signals. Make sure to match colors on the cable connectors and the output connectors on the HDTV PVR.

3. Connect the other end of the composite cable to the color-coded input connectors on the DVD recorder. Again, ensure the matching of the colors on the cable connectors with the colors on the DVD recorder connectors.

4. Set up the program desired to record, by selecting it from the programs recorded on the HDTV DVR and pausing at the point where you want the DVD recording to begin. Note the HDTV program is paused at the correct place by choosing to view the signal provided by the DVD recorder on the television set to which it connects. Refer to the television set manufacturer’s instructions to set up the television to view the signal from the DVD recorder.

5. Place a blank DVD disk in the DVD recorder, and press the “record” button to begin recording the signal coming from the HDTV DVR. Press “Play” on the HDTV PVR once recording has started and the signal from the HDTV PVR is recorded on the DVD disk in the DVD recorder as it plays.The HDTV signal is down-converted to standard definition as it is transferred from the HDTV DVR to the DVD recorder. Press “stop” on the DVD recorder, to end the recording once the program comes to an end.