Recording Studios Found In Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri recording studios have aided inexperienced and experienced musical artists alike.

Recording studios in Kansas City, Missouri work with a diversity of clients and musical genres. They are beneficial for recording artists, musicians, corporate and advertising clients. Each recording studio is established in the city renowned for its musical history. Kansas City, Missouri recording studios offers comfortable suites with cutting-edge technology, recording, mixing, mastering, instruments and artist development services to create and further a musical career.

Chapman Recording and Mastering

Chapman Recording and Mastering, or Chapman Recording, is a Midwestern, state-of-the-art audio facility. For over three decades, Chapman Recording has served its clients with audio production for music, radio, television, film, video, corporate and advertising. Chapman Recording has three studios equipped with digital technologies, as well as vintage analog gear. The audio facility offers mastering, which is the polishing of each track to ensure it sounds like music before it is released for distribution. Chapman Recording has produced music recordings for musical genres such as gospel, jazz, hip-hop, country, rock and folk. The audio facility has worked with recording artists such as Roberto Magris, an international jazz musician; Dewayne Woods, a Stellar Gold-winning gospel artist; Tamba Hali, a Kansas City Chief football player and rapper; and Bryan Adams, a Grammy-winning, pop rock icon.

Evolution Audio

Evolution Audio is an award-winning recording studio established in 1995 by Don Martin, John Blank and Ginny Martin and in 2002, Bryan Nelson joined the team. Evolution Audio has three studios complete with isolation booths and equipped with an advanced music and audio creation system software, known as Pro Tools HD. This studio offers audio post-production, which is creating a soundtrack for film, television and infomercials. Evolution Audio provides music production for albums, theater, corporate events and commercial music like jingles. The studio covers projects needing sound design for Internet, toys, kiosks and dioramas.

Studio City KC

Studio City KC, or Studio City, is a recording studio founded in 1998 by Rick Estes. Studio City offers recording artists 25 spaces for rehearsals, which is available year long, artist and band development services, which consists of, CD/DVD recording, CD/DVD duplication, musical instrument lessons and audio restoration. This studio also uses Pro Tools HD III software for recording, mixing (blending the sounds of the completed track) and mastering. Studio City creates sound for films and movies and has a variety of services for commercial recordings such as video editing (the process of editing parts of video footage, special effects and sound) and video production. Studio City has provided rehearsal spaces and sound for talented local artists and accomplished mega artists like Counting Crows, The Outfield, Asia and The Fixx.

Element Recording Studios

Element Recording Studios, or Element Recording, was founded by Joel Nanos. Element Recording takes the needs and budget of talented artists into consideration. This recording studio provides the following services for recording artists and musicians: mixing, mastering, recording, musician/vocalists, songwriting and equipment. Artists and musicians are provided access to large performance rooms and isolation booths. Element Recording has worked with an wide array of music styles such as acoustic, blues, folk, classic rock and jazz. Element Recording is benefiting the musical careers of up-and-coming recording artists such as Janet the Planet, Sarah Slaton, The Lion on Your Left and Lucky Graves.