Recover Compaq Presario Laptop On Startup

Recover Compaq Presario Laptop on Startup

Nothing is more frustrating for any computer owner than when his computer will no longer start up or work correctly. It is inconvenient and can cause a lot of undue anxiety. It can also make it very difficult to retrieve important files from the computer’s hard drive. However, there is a reliable way to repair your Compaq Presario laptop if it happens to not start up correctly, and it only takes a couple of minutes.


1. Power on your laptop.

2. Press and hold the “F8” key as soon as the computer begins to turn on. Continue holding “F8” until the “Advanced Options” menu opens up, then release the key.

3. Use the arrow keys to navigate down to the “Repair Your Computer” option. Select it by pressing “Enter.”

4. Use the arrow keys to navigate down to “Startup Repair,” and select it by pressing “Enter.”

5. Allow the computer to complete the diagnostic process, then restart the laptop. It should now start up normally.