Redeem City Miles Earned On My Visa Card

Use your credit card to go places – literally!

Using a credit card can allow you freedom that you wouldn’t have while paying in cash, such as being able to purchase something expensive without having all of the money in the bank at the time of the purchase. Credit cards also often come with rewards programs that will give you prizes depending on how much you spent. City National Bank is one such bank that offers rewards in combination with your Visa card and redeeming your City points for miles can be done in just a few minutes.


1. Use your Visa card for your regular purchases so that you begin to accumulate miles.

2. Go to the City National Bank Rewards website (see Resources) when you have earned a significant amount of miles, which will naturally occur when you have spent a significant amount of money.

3. Click on “Redeem Points” on the homepage of the website.

4. Log in to your account using your bank ID name and password.

5. Create a City National Bank profile so that you can view all of your points.

6. Choose “Travel Points” as the category that you wish to redeem your points for and you will receive a credit towards the airline of your choice, within the airlines available from City National Bank.

7. Enter in your credit ID when you have selected a flight that you wish to use your miles for. Make sure that the proper amount is subtracted from the total that you will have to pay.