Refresh Your Desktop In Windows Xp

My Computer Monitor

When you use your computer as much as I do, sometimes, your computer needs to be refreshed. This is a very simple task to accomplish and your computer will thank you for it too.Let me show and tell you accomplish this.


Refreshing Your Computer

1. This is so simple to do. When you realize how simple it is to do, you will wonder why it is not done more often.

2. With your mouse, right click on the right button. This will bring up a dialog box showing you things you can do on your computer desktop. The things you are able to do with your right mouse button are as follows: arrange icons, REFRESH, paste, paste shortcut, undo move, save as scheme, graphics options, display mode, new and properties.

3. For this article, I will be showing you simply refresh your desktop. After right clicking on your mouse button, with the left mouse button, scroll down until the word REFRESH is highlighted. Once Refresh is highlighted, click on refresh and you will see your desktop being refreshed.

4. All your icons will flash before your eyes and that is an indication your desktop has been refreshed. I like to refresh my desktop every hour or when I think about it.

5. Now, that was an easy tip for you and your computer. The more you refresh your computer, it wil thank you.