Remove A Baffle On Harley Script Mufflers

Harley mufflers are street legal.

Harley script mufflers are mufflers that are engraved with either the Harley-Davidson brand name, or the motor company’s Screaming Eagle brand name and logo. Numerous attempts have been made in recent years, particularly in California, to outlaw aftermarket motorcycle exhausts on the assumption that aftermarket pipes contribute to air and noise pollution. The Harley-Davidson or Screaming Eagle brand names and logos on a set of mufflers constitute, as lawyers say, prima facie evidence that a set of mufflers is street legal. Removing the baffles is also legal.


1. Attach a 1-3/4 inch hole saw bit to a heavy duty electric drill. Put on goggles or safety glasses and leather gloves.

2. Shove the hole saw into the rear tail pipe as far as it will go. Start the drill. Gently push forward and continue to drill until you feel the drill slip.

3. Remove the drill from the tail pipe and set it aside. Locate the edge of the baffle with a pair of needle nose pliers.

4. Grab the baffle with the pliers and pull. Set the baffle aside.

5. Repeat the process for the front tail pipe.