Remove A Battery From A Harley

The battery in a Harley motorcycle is located under the seat.

What could energize or relax you more than cruising down the road on your Harley Davidson motorcycle on a nice day? But if you have a dead battery, you won’t be going anywhere until you remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. Instead of popping the hood as you would in a car, you need to remove the motorcycle’s seat. That task will take you the most time to accomplish.


1. Remove the screw that fastens the seat to the top of the rear fender with a Phillips screwdriver. Put the screw in a safe place because you will need it again later.

2. Locate the bolts on the underside of the seat on the lower left and right sides of the seat. These bolts secure the seat to the motorcycle. Put these two bolts with the screw so as not to lose them.

3. Grasp the seat with both hands and slide it toward the tail light of the bike. As you slide the seat backwards, lift it off the motorcycle’s frame. The seats may be removed differently on some models, so refer to the service manual of your particular Harley motorcycle for proper seat removal.

4. Examine the top of the battery and find the black cable, which is the negative battery cable and the red cable, known as the positive cable.

5. Remove the negative battery cable. Loosen the terminal bolt bolt with a wrench. Lift the cable up and away from the battery.

6. Repeat Step 5 with the red (positive) cable.

7. Disconnect the battery strap if your motorcycle has one. Remove the old battery and replace with a new one.