Remove A Buell Rear Brake Rotor

Designed by company founder Erik Buell, each Buell motorcycle featured radical departures from conventional motorcycle construction methods. However, like all motorcycles, the components used by Buell’s motorcycles are prone to wear and require replacement eventually. The rear brake rotor, or disc, can be affected by heat generated from aggressive braking which causes the rotor to warp. Removing a warped or distorted rotor is not a difficult task, providing that the proper tools are at hand.


1. Park the motorcycle on a smooth, level surface and check that the ignition switch is in the “Off” position. Lift the rear wheel off of the ground using a rear swing arm stand or lift.

2. Loosen the rear axle pinch bolt on the right underside of the swing arm using the appropriately-sized socket.

3. Remove the rear brake caliper by removing the two mounting bolts that secure the caliper to the swing arm. These bolts are located on the left side of the swing arm. Pull the caliper off of the brake rotor and wrap it in a rag or towel to prevent it from scratching the swing arm.

4. Loosen the rear axle using a 7/8-inch hex head socket. Turn the axle counterclockwise 15 complete turns to loosen the drive belt. Once the belt is loose enough, pull it off of the rear wheel pulley then loosen the axle until it can be removed.

5. Pull the rear wheel out from the swing arm and place it on your work space.

6. Apply heat evenly to the surface of the rear brake rotor using a heat gun. Concentrate the heat on the areas around the rotor bolts to expand the surrounding metal.

7. Remove the rotor bolts using the appropriately-sized Allen head socket attached to a breaker bar.

8. Pull the rotor free from the rear wheel.