Remove A Catalytic Converter For Speed

Making cars go fast is a hobby for many men and women in America. The car has always been an obsession for those speed seekers who love to go head to head against friends and foes in their best and fastest vehicle for fun and profit. When horsepower is needed, you need more air in and more air out. One big resistor to airflow in a car or truck is the catalytic converter, which is located in the exhaust pipes of your vehicle. Removing the catalytic converter can allow you to gain airflow resulting in a faster vehicle.


1. Locate the catalytic converter in the exhaust piping behind the engine compartment. A catalytic converter looks much like a little muffler. Catalytic converters help reduce harmful emissions. It is against the law to operate most vehicles without a catalytic converter. However, for race vehicles, catalytic converters are never used.

2. Use the Saws-All to cut the catalytic converter out of the exhaust system. Cut evenly and squarely so that when you weld in the new piping, it is easier to match up the ends of the old pipe and the new pipe section that replace the catalytic converter.

3. Measure and cut the new replacement pipe so that all the new pipe and adapters fit properly in replacement of the old catalytic converter that was removed.

4. Weld the replacement pipe into the space that was first occupied by the catalytic converter. Be sure to completely seal the new tubing into the exhaust system so that there is no leakage. If you allow exhaust to escape from any leak in the system, you will be loosing any benefit that you might have gotten from removing the catalytic converter for more speed.