Remove A Catalytic Converter

Many people think removing a catalytic converter from a vehicle can gain both horsepower and gas mileage. Every vehicle will vary, but if you learn remove a catalytic converter from your car, you can test the results for yourself. Read on to learn remove a catalytic converter.


1. Park your vehicle on flat, solid ground for safety purposes. Jack the vehicle up and place it on jack stands.

2. Get under the vehicle in the middle area and look along the exhaust pipe until you spot the catalytic converter. It will look like a wide area of the exhaust pipe, sometimes square or rectangle shaped (not the muffler towards the rear of the vehicle).

3. Look to see how the catalytic converter is attached. There are probably four bolts, two in front and two in the rear, that can be removed. Check the size of the bolts and make sure you have a socket to fit them.

4. Use a ratchet and socket or wrench to remove the four bolts from around the catalytic converter. In some cases, the bolts are corroded and must be cut off with a saw and drilled out. If this occurs, be careful to only cut the bolt heads.

5. Pull the catalytic converter from the exhaust and it should be out completely.