Remove A Chevy Truck Door Panel

Whether you need to replace a window motor, a speaker, install a window regulator, or you’re just curious how it’s connected, you can easily remove the door panel of your Chevy truck. Removing the door panel will be easier than anything you’re going to have to repair or replace underneath the door panel. You won’t need any fancy tools, but it will help if you have a little mechanical skill so you don’t break anything during the procedure.


1. Open the door and roll the window all the way down. If the vehicle is equipped with power windows and locks, turn the ignition key to the “off” position.

2. Gently pry the triangular molding off of the front corner of the window that covers the interior of the side view mirror with the flathead screwdriver. It will be that same color as the door panel and is only pressed into the door cavity by two press clips and a bottom lip that goes into the window cavity.

3. Remove the door lock panel on the door panel by prying it off with the screwdriver. Again, this simply clips onto a metal rod underneath, but be gentle and tenacious at the same time.

4. Pry off the door molding cover around the door handle with the screwdriver. You will have to manipulate the cover over the handle once it is free from the door panel.

5. Pry off the piece of molding from the arm rest that has all the control buttons for the window regulator and power locks and power mirror control with the screwdriver. Be gentle. Unplug the three plugs from the back of the window/door regulator once removed from the door panel. For manual window doors, you’ll need to pry off the door handle molding and locate the screw and remove it with a screwdriver.

6. Locate the two screws on the door panel and remove them with the ratchet, extension and a socket. One is located under the arm rest panel you just removed and unplugged in the upper left hand corner. The other is located on the upper side of the arm rest just above the door handle and just below the molding your grab to close the door.

7. Grab the arm rest and lift the door upward and outward. Though it should start removing from the door, there are still a couple wires attached to it. Don’t pull it away roughly from the door just yet.

8. Locate and remove the speaker/tweeter wire plug at the bottom of the door panel.

9. Remove the door panel light (if equipped) by pulling the black plug out of the housing for the light.

10. Lift the door completely away from the vehicle.