Remove A Fairing Cap

The fairing cap is responsible for holding in place the ignition switch and four other switches: spotlight, speaker, cruise and accessory. The cap is located just in front of the driver of the motorcycle when seated. You must remove the fairing cap before you can remove the inner fairing. This task requires simple hand tools, making it a task any motorcycle owner can handle.


1. Remove the ignition switch knob. Insert the key to your motorcycle in the ignition switch and turn to the “Unlock” position. Leaving the key in the ignition, turn the knob to “Access.” Press the release button at the bottom left side of the switch with a small screwdriver. Press the key downward and turn 60 degrees, counterclockwise. Lift the knob to remove it.

2. Loosen the nut, collar and spacer on the bottom of the ignition switch knob. Placing a 7/8-inch wrench on the flats of the nut — one on each side — loosen the nut on the bottom of the switch. Completely remove the nut from the threaded post. Remove the collar and spacer.

3. Remove the switch position plate by gently pulling upward on the two tabs — one on each side of the plate.

4. Remove the two screws and flat washers holding the fairing cap to the left and right sides of the inner fairing with a T27 torx drive head.

5. Disconnect the fairing cap switch connector located behind the right side of the fairing cap, by hand. Press the button on the socket terminal side to pull the pin and socket halves apart.

6. Disconnect the fairing cap from the motorcycle.