Remove A Ford Ranger Rubber Exhaust Pipe Hanger

Installing a new exhaust can increase horsepower and the sound output of your vehicle, as well as improve the appearance over the stock unit. But before you can install an exhaust, you must first remove the old exhaust–and sometimes that can be a little bit challenging. Removing the rubber exhaust hangers on your Ford Ranger can be frustrating, but once you figure out the trick, you can do this in about 10 minutes.


1. Lift the Ranger using the jack, and place it on jack stands. Make sure the truck is secure before you crawl underneath it.

2. Locate the rubber exhaust hanger you want to remove from the truck. Spray the hanger on both the mount on the Ranger and the mount on the exhaust, using the white lithium grease. This will lubricate the hanger and make removal easier.

3. Use the pry bar to pry the rubber hanger from the exhaust tubing, and slide the metal hanger out of the rubber hanger. Repeat this process on the other end of the hanger, freeing it completely from the body.

4. Raise the Ranger off the jack stands using the jack, and lower the truck back to the ground.