Remove A Golf Cart Governor

The standard speed of a golf cart is typically 12 to 14 miles per hour. There are many available options to increase the power and speed of your golf cart should you desire. Removing the golf car governor will allow your golf cart to travel much faster but there are safer improvements you can make to achieve the same results and without causing harm to the motor.


1. Remove the two screws that are securing the plastic plate located behind the golf cart seat.

2. Take the plastic cover off and set the screws aside, you will need them later when you are ready to secure the plate in place.

3. Find the governor. It is a metal piece that looks like a “T” and it will pivot in both directions. You will need to disable the silver thicker part of the “T”.

4. Use a rubber band, heavy string or a piece of wire to tie the silver part of the “T” to the metal rod that is located just behind it. Tie or wind it tight preventing the silver side from pivoting toward the front of the cart.

5. Re-attach the plastic plate securing it with the two screws.