Remove A Grille On A 2003 Ford F150

Remove the grille from your F150.

You can remove the grille from the front of your 2003 Ford F150 at home using a few simple tools that can be purchased from any hardware store. You may have to remove a grille because of accident damage or you may wish to replace it with an after-market grille. In either case, it’s an easy job requiring only a few minutes of your time. Besides being visually pleasing, the grille’s purpose is to protect the radiator.


1. Pop up the hood and find the bolts that attach the upper radiator fan cover to the upper part of the grille. Use a socket and ratchet to remove these bolts.

2. Remove the cover from the upper grille using your hands.

3. Find the two plastic tabs attaching the driver’s side of the grille to the fender in front. Push the tabs in toward the fender and pull on the grille from the front of the vehicle to dislocate it from the fender. Do the same thing on the passenger side of the grille.