Remove A Harley Muffler Baffle

Remove a Harley Muffler Baffle

Riding a motorcycle has many advantages, such as maneuverability, fuel efficiency and fun. Unfortunately, safety is not included in the advantage list. To counter the inherent danger of riding a motorcycle, many Harley riders have taken to removing the baffles from their stock exhaust pipes, making the bikes louder and more noticeable on the road. “Loud pipes save lives,” so make your motorcycle louder by removing a few of the stock baffles from the muffler.


1. Reference the owner’s manual to determine how the exhaust is bolted to your model of Harley-Davidson. Set your motorcycle on its kickstand or center stand so that it will not tip or fall over while you are working.

2. Remove the bolts that hold the exhaust to the motorcycle. Most bikes will have two bolts holding each pipe to the cylinder head and two in the rear connected to the frame. Separate the exhaust system from the bike completely and clamp it in a vise. Be sure to protect the chrome finish of your exhaust by covering the vise with a rag or towel.

3. Drill out two baffles with a metal cutting drill bit on your hand held drill. The muffler in the exhaust will likely have three or four baffles from the factory. Do not remove all of the baffles as this will require re-jetting of the carburetor. Instead, leave one or two in place so as not to sacrifice performance for loudness.

4. Turn the pipes upside down and smack them with your hand to knock out any remaining metal from the baffles. Reattach the exhaust system to the motorcycle cylinder head and mounting points. Be sure all bolts are tight so they do not come loose while riding.

5. Fire up your Harley and listen to the new exhaust note. It should be louder, fuller and more ear-catching than before.