Remove A Harleydavidson Inner Fairing

The outer fairing faces the viewer in this photo. The inner fairing faces the rider.

The “fairing” is the wind barrier on the front of Harley Davidson touring models and other motorcycles. And, the “fairing” has a front and a back: The “outer fairing” faces the road, the parking meter or the stop light and the “inner fairing” always faces the rider. To remove the inner fairing, you’ll need to remove the outer fairing first.


Remove Outer Fairing

1. Hang towels over the front fender to protect the finish. Remove the three outer fairing screws just below the windshield with a Torx driver.

2. Remove the two inner fairing screws just above the wind deflectors with a Torx driver

3. Turn the handlebar to the right. Remove the outer fairing screw below the left side of the fairing cap with a Torx driver. Turn the handlebar to the left and remove the fairing screw below the right side of the fairing cap with a Torx driver.

4. Tilt the outer fairing toward the front. Remove the wire connector at back of the headlight assembly by squeezing the two external tabs.

5. Lift the fairing with the headlamp assembly off the motorcycle. Lift the windshield off the bike.

Remove Inner Fairing

6. Pull apart the pin and socket halves of the passing lamp and turn signal connectors.

7. Unscrew the screws that fasten the passing lamp bracket to the upper and lower fork brackets with a Torx driver. Remove the passing lamp assembly from the motorcycle.

8. Turn the ignition key to “unlock.” Turn the ignition knob to “access.”

9. Push down the release button with a screwdriver. Turn the key counterclockwise 1/6 revolution. Remove the ignition knob.

10. Loosen the switch nut with an open end socket and socket wrench. Remove the switch nut, socket and collar from the post with an open end wrench.

11. Pull the chrome skirt from the inner fairing.

12. Loosen the clutch cable adjuster and lock nuts near the middle of the clutch cable with two open end wrenches until the clutch cable is slack.

13. Remove retaining ring from pivot pin groove at the bottom of the clutch lever bracket with a small screwdriver. Remove the pivot pin.

14. Remove the clutch lever bracket from the handlebar clamp with a Torx driver. Remove the clutch lever from the clutch lever bracket.

15. Remove the anchor pin and clutch cable eyelet from the clutch lever. Feed the clutch cable and cable eyelet through the inner fairing grommet to the front of the motorcycle.

16. Fold a matchbook cover into quarters. Insert the folded cover between the brake lever and lever bracket in order to avoid damaging the rubber boot and plunger of the front stoplight switch. Harley-Davidson recommends a “5/32 inch thick cardboard insert.”

17.Remove the upper and lower switch housing screws with a Torx driver. Remove the master cylinder housing with a Torx driver.

18. Remove the throttle control grip from the end of the handlebar with a screwdriver. Remove the throttle and idle cables from the cable housings by hand.

19. Feed the throttle and idle control cables through the inner fairing grommet to front of motorcycle. Pull apart the cigarette lighter spade contacts.

20. Remove the speaker adapters from the inner fairing on both sides of the motorcycle with a Torx driver.

21. Pull apart the interconnect harness connectors from the voltmeter and the fuel gauge. Free the inner fairing from the fairing bracket by loosening the four socket head screws with a Torx driver.

22. Spread the bottom of the inner fairing to free it from the dowels in the lower fork bracket. Spread the bottom of the fairing bracket to release it from the same dowels.

23. Raise the inner fairing and the fairing bracket together and then pull them apart. Remove the inner fairing from the motorcycle.