Remove A Hayabusa Upper Fairing

One of the trickier maintenance issues on modern sport bikes are removing the plastic fairings. These are often designed to fit very tightly on the motorcycle and many people are hesitant to remove them for fear of breaking the plastic. To compound those issues, many motorcycles use plastic clips and fasteners as opposed to metal bolts. These plastic clips are prone to breakage and must be removed with care. The Suzuki Hayabusa’s upper fairing may appear difficult to remove, but with care it can be removed without damaging your motorcycle.


Removing the upper fairing (First Generation 1999-2003)

1. Remove any wiring attached to the inside of the fairing so that when you remove the fairing it will not pull against the wires. You may have to disconnect some wires so that they are not damaged.

2. Locate the black plastic push rivets on the inner portion of the right and left upper panels near the instrument gauges. Remove these push rivets by pulling on them, or use a screwdriver to gently pry them.

3. Remove the two bolts on each side of the inner black panel near the instrument gauges.

4. Loosen and remove the last bolt on the inner panel located near the steering stem.

5. Lift the inner panel out gently.

6. Locate the three bolts on each side of the outside of the body paneling and remove them with a wrench. These bolts are on the seam between the upper fairing and the middle body fairing.

7. Remove the upper fairing gently, being mindful of any wires. You may also have to remove the rear view mirrors.