Remove A Motorcycle Catalytic Converter

Over time the exhaust system on your motorcycle can rust and wear out from all the weather it encounters outside and on the road. A rusted out exhaust system will not only make your bike louder, but if the catalytic converter is worn out it will not meet emission standards and you could be fined by police for noise complaints and excess emissions. Removing the catalytic converter can be done with a few tools in your own driveway.


1. Park the motorcycle on a level location and shut it off. Allow it to cool down for several hours as the muffler and catalytic converter get very hot while the bike is running.

2. Go to the rear of the bike and locate the muffler exiting out the back. The muffler will be strapped or bolted to the motorcycle frame. The front of the muffler will be bolted to a pipe that leads to the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter looks like a small coffee can bolted between two pieces of exhaust pipe.

3. Fit the proper sized wrench on the bolts holding the catalytic converter brackets to the exhaust pipe.

4. Unscrew all the bolts on each end of the catalytic converter. Pull out the catalytic converter–it will most likely be rusted between the exhaust pipe bolted to the front and rear of the catalytic converter.