Remove A Motorcycle Clutch Lever

The clutch lever is easy to remove with some common tools and a little motorcycle know-how.

The clutch lever of a motorcycle engages and disengages the clutch as it is pulled and released. This allows for the shifting of gears in the transmission and is a fundamental part of the motorcycle’s drivetrain. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the clutch lever, such as when replacing the clutch cable or installing a new handlebar on your bike. The process is relatively simple and can be done at home with tools you may already own.


1. Pull back the rubber covering at the end of the clutch lever to access the clutch cable barrel adjuster.

2. Twist the two pieces of the barrel adjuster counterclockwise until the cutout in both pieces lines up with the cutout on the clutch lever.

3. Pull the cable housing out of the cable housing stop of the barrel adjuster then push the cable through the cutout in the barrel adjuster and clutch lever. Pull the clutch lever to reveal the cable end. Slide the cable end out of the clutch lever to free the cable and housing from the clutch lever.

4. Loosen and remove the clutch lever clamp bolts on the rear-facing part of the clutch lever clamp with a socket wrench and socket. Remove the clutch lever and clamp from the handlebar.

5. Attach the clutch lever clamp and mounting bolts onto the clutch lever so they don’t get lost and set the clutch lever aside.