Remove A Road Glide Fairing

If you want to change or add aftermarket gauges or accessories to the dash of your Harley Davidson Road Glide, then you will need to know remove the Road Glide fairing. The fairing (sometimes called the front fairing although there is no back fairing) is the body casing that holds the head lights, dash and windshield to your Road Glide. Removing the front fairing of a Road Glide is easy, but there are some things you need to watch out.


1. Park your Road Glide on a level surface with the kickstand down and the front wheel turned toward the direction the bike is leaning. Turning the wheel in this direction will make the bike less likely to fall over while you are working on it.

2. Remove the turn signals from the fairing by unbolting them with a socket wrench. The bolt for the turn signals will be located on the underside of where the signals connect to the fairing. Pull the turn signal assembly out of the fairing and disconnect the wiring harness by pulling the terminal connector apart.

3. Unscrew and remove the six Torx screws that are located under the inner fairing. The inner fairing is considered to be the side that the dash is mounted on. The screws are located along the edge of the fairing on this side.

4. Stand over the front tire of your Road Glide facing the fairing. Grab the fairing on each side and lift the fairing up off the hooks supporting it on the frame. Hold the fairing off the hooks and disconnect the head light wiring harness by pressing the side tabs on the connection terminal in and pulling the two halves apart. Lift the fairing completely off the bike (the head light will remain on the frame).