Remove A Tranmission Sprocket On A Harleydavidson

Changing a transmission sprocket on a Harley Davidson motorcycle is basically the same process as on any other motorcycle. The difference will be the tools made specifically for Harleys. A transmission sprocket is a metal disc that the drive chain is connected to. The drive chain transfers the power from the transmission to the rear wheel sprocket and that powers the rear wheel. Most Harley models use different tools so you will need to buy the tools for your bike from the Harley dealer.


1. Place a motorcycle jack under the engine block and raise the Harley off the ground. Loosen the nut on the rear axle using pliers and push the rear wheel toward the engine to loosen the drive chain.

2. Remove the screws securing the transmission sprocket cover to the engine block using Harley tools. Pull the cover off the engine and set it aside. Pull the drive chain off the transmission sprocket.

3. Place the Harley in first gear to keep the transmission sprocket from turning. Remove the nut in the center of the transmission sprocket using a ratchet and socket from a Harley tool set.

4. Pull the transmission sprocket off the transmission. Store the retaining nut and sprocket in a clean dry place to avoid the components from rusting.