Remove A Transmisson Clutch Pulley From A Harley Davidson Softail

The transmission clutch pulley — located inside the primary chain case — is responsible for maintaining smoothness when clutching and shifting your motorcycle. The primary chain connects the clutch pulley to the compensating sprocket with a chain tensioner shoe located between the two. The clutch pulley requires replacement if the teeth on the pulley become worn; however, replacement is not commonly necessary as it does not wear out easily.


1. Remove the seat by removing the bolt and nut — located at the rear of the seat — with a wrench. This is the bolt that connects the seat to the rear fender.

2. Drain the primary chain case lubricant into a drain pan by loosening the magnetic drain plug — located underneath the outer primary with a wrench. While the lubricant drains, remove the inspection and clutch covers with a screwdriver. Remove the outer primary cover with an Allen wrench by removing the 12 Allen bolts holding it in place.

3. Loosen the chain tensioner bolt in the center of the chain tensioner using a standard wrench. Once the bolt is loose, you may pull the chain tensioner shoe down and out of the way of the primary chain.

4. Loosen the jam nut — located in the center of the clutch plate — with an Allen wrench. Remove the retaining clip around the release plate with a pick tool. You should now be able to pull the release plate away from the center of the clutch.

5. Remove the clutch hub mainshaft nut with a primary drive locking tool. Place the tool between the upper strand of the primary chain and the clutch hub sprocket and turn clockwise. Using a breaker bar, finish removing the mainshaft nut. The clutch pulley is free from the primary chain case. You should be able to remove it by hand.