Remove An Flstc Harley Seat

For the most part, your Harley-Davidson LSTC Heritage Softail Classic’s seat will remain attached to your motorcycle, but certain maintenance procedures may require you to remove the seat for a short time. Unlike the single-piece seats used by other Harley models, the FLSTC uses a two-piece seat consisting of the passenger pad and the rider’s seat. While its not entirely difficult to remove the entire seat, knowing where to find the bolts that secure the rider’s seat to the frame can speed up the process.


1. Unscrew the bolt from the rear of the passenger seat, positioned between the back rest supports, using the Torx screwdriver.

2. Lift the rear of the passenger seat up and pull it away from the bracket at the rear of the rider’s seat.

3. Unscrew the pair of bolts from the rider’s seat bracket, using the Torx screwdriver.

4. Lift the rear of the rider’s seat up and pull it toward the rear fender. Lift the seat off of the frame once the tang at the front of the seat has been removed from the channel built into the motorcycle’s frame below the fuel tank.