Remove Automotive Adhesive

When washing your car, use a detergent specifically indicated for automobiles.

Restore your car’s gleaming appearance by removing old adhesive from emblems, bumper stickers and similar decorations. A chemical solution will ease the adhesive removal, but you may wish to use it in a well-ventilated area to lessen any ill effects from the fumes. When you have removed the old adhesive, wash your car and wax it to help protect the paint and restore its appearance.


1. Soak a rag or soft sponge in adhesive remover. This product is commonly available in auto supply stores.

2. Rub the adhesive off with your rag. It is likely that only a little of the adhesive will come off at a time.

3. Scrape gently at the area with a putty knife. Use only a plastic putty knife, not a metal one, so it will not damage the paint. Hold the putty knife so that the edge lies as flat on the surface as possible, and scrape it back and forth. Alternate scraping in this manner with rubbing the adhesive with your rag until it is all removed.

4. Clean any remaining adhesive residue off the car by rubbing a cloth soaked with denatured alcohol over the surface.