Remove Buell Rotor Bolts

Buell rotors are special brake components made for motorcycles. The rotor is a disc that sits in the center of the wheel on the motorcycle and turns with the wheel. A brake caliper clamps down on the rotor when the driver applies the brakes. When the rotor becomes scored from normal use, you’ll need to replace it. First, you need to know remove the rotor bolts. Because they are aluminum, and thus soft, they can be rather tricky to remove without stripping the head off the bolt.


1. Apply heat to the area around the Buell rotor bolt. Do not heat the rotor bolt head directly. Heating the area around the bolt will cause the surrounding metal to expand, allowing you to remove the bolt more easily.

2. Place the appropriate sized socket over the bolt head. Make sure you are using a six-point socket. The size of the socket you will need varies according to the bike you have.

3. Turn the bolt counterclockwise to remove. If the bolt does not want to come off, repeat Step 1 and reheat the area around the bolt. Once you remove the bolt, do not reuse it.