Remove Dropbox From My Mac

The Dropbox service provides a way for you to back up your files online. You do this by either logging in to the Dropbox website or installing the Dropbox desktop application. The desktop application runs in the background and syncs — uploads — any files you put into the Dropbox folder. To completely remove the Dropbox desktop application, you must delete the application itself and remove the ancillary files it installs on the Mac.


1. Click the blue Dropbox icon. Find it on the right side of the menu bar, at the top of the Mac’s screen.

2. Click “Quit” on the drop-down menu. This closes the Dropbox application.

3. Click the Finder icon in the dock.

4. Click “Applications” in the left panel of the Finder window. Locate the Dropbox icon in the panel on the right side of the Finder window.

5. Drag the Dropbox icon from the Finder window and drop it into the trash can in the dock. This removes Dropbox from the Mac.

6. Open Finder. Click the “Macintosh HD” icon in the left Finder panel to open the hard drive.

7. Click “Library” in the right panel. If you’re viewing Finder in columns, the contents of the Library folder opens in a new column to the right. If you’re viewing Finder as a list, click the down arrow beside Library to reveal its contents. Double-click “Library” if you’re viewing Finder as icons.

8. Click “Contextual Menu Items.”

9. Drag “DropboxHelperTools” to the trash can in the dock. Drop it in to delete it.

10. Open Finder. Click “Go” in the Finder menu bar. Click “Go to Folder” in the menu that drops down.

11. Type “~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache”. Press the “Return” button on the keyboard to open Dropbox Cache.

12. Press “Command” and “A” at the same time to select all files in the Dropbox Cache folder.

13. Drag and drop the files into the trash can to remove the last remnants of Dropbox from the Mac.