Remove Jetski Decals

Jet skis look cleaner without a lot of decals.

Jet skis are fun to operate and also serve as useful ways to get around on the water quickly and effortlessly. Unfortunately, manufacturers of jet skis often apply dozens of stickers and decals to the watercraft that aren’t always desirable. If you’ve purchased a used jet ski, there may be decals on it that you’d like to remove.


1. Plug in your hair dryer and set it to its hot setting. Aim it directly at a corner or edge of the decal you’d like to remove and hold it about two inches away from the surface.

2. Apply heat to the decal using your hair dryer. Heat only a small area of the decal, using circular motions to evenly apply the heat.

3. Grab the corner or edge of the decal and attempt to peel it back as you continue to heat the decal. As you peel the decal away from the jet ski, try to remove any excess adhesive with your fingernail. If you can’t remove it immediately, don’t worry about it.

4. Continue heating other parts of the decal and peeling them back with your fingernails. Keep heating and peeling until you have removed the entire decal.

5. Look over the spot on the jet ski for residue or leftover adhesive. If there is adhesive left that you can’t remove using your fingernail, apply a small amount of a commercial adhesive remover such as Goo Gone, Goof-Off or Krud Kutter. Clean the area with some paper towels and allow it to dry.