Remove Motorcycle Paint

If you want to remove motorcycle paint from your motorcycle, there are a variety of products you can use. Before painting your bike, you’ll have to strip off all the old paint so you can work on a clean surface. Follow these tips.


1. Determine which type of paint is on your motorcycle. Most types of paint can be removed using a paint thinner or stripping product, but others will need to be sanded off.

2. Use a dual action sander if there appears to be three or more coats of paint on the motorcycle. Sanding allows you to remove not only the paint but the primer underneath.

3. Use a paint thinner to remove small spots the sander can’t reach.

4. Use a paint-stripping product if paint thinner isn’t strong enough. Carefully read the instructions before applying paint-stripping products as they could damage metallic surfaces. Apply paint stripper with a dry cloth in the sunlight and allow it to absorb the paint. Remove the paint stripper as indicated in the instructions.

5. Remove any sticky or dusty debris off your motorcycle using a dry cloth. This will allow you to apply primer and new paint color evenly.