Remove Push Rod Covers From A Harley Davidson

Remove Push Rod Covers from a Harley Davidson

Many motorcycle riders today are finding that a good do-it-yourself attitude is valuable in keeping their motorcycle on the road and more money in their pocket. Likewise, correctly tuning and maintaining a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can be an essential part of safe riding. Removing push rod covers from your bike is necessary to access adjustable push rods. While OEM factory push rods are generally not adjustable, aftermarket performance push rods can be. These push rods are covered with an outer spring-loaded retainer which must be removed prior push rod adjustment.


Take off the Air Cleaner

1. Unscrew the air cleaner cover screw with a large hex key. Take off the cleaner cover.

2. Loosen the screws to the air cleaner filter element and place it in a clean, dry place.

3. Disconnect the backplate from the carburetor with a small hex key.

Remove Push Rod Covers

4. Place a flat tip screwdriver into the small latch on the push rod spring cap retainer and pry it free.

5. Slide push rod cover down to access needed adjustments on the push rod.

6. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines in properly adjusting each push rod.