Remove Rust From Chrome On Motorcycles

Many motorcycles have a variety of chrome accessories as the chrome adds aesthetic appeal and is very resilient in most climatic conditions. However, over time the chrome may become rusty and require repair. Removing the rust from chrome on a motorcycle is fairly simple and can be accomplished by anyone with a bit of determination and ingenuity.


1. Identify all of the rusted accessories and start with the more significantly rusted areas first. Use the fine-grit sandpaper to begin sanding the rusted areas. Work carefully as you do not want to scratch the chrome around the rust.

2. Dip a piece of aluminum foil, shiny side out, in the cola and then wrap it around your finger. Gently rub the rusty areas with the foil.

3. Use the chrome polish to buff the area you rubbed with the aluminum foil. The polish will take care of the final surface rust and buff out any other small scratches. Buff the entire area with a cloth and install a few coats of wax to seal the chrome from the elements.