Remove Screen Protectors

Cell Phone screen protectors offer a great way to protect your touchscreen devices from scratching. Unfortunately from time to time dust and air bubbles can collect under your screen, forcing you to remove the protector. While it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to remove the screen you’ll want to make sure that you do so properly, thus avoiding any scratching or other device damage.


Removing A Screen Protector With Tape

1. Take a piece of scotch tape and place it as one of the corners of your devices display. The tape should overlap with the device and the screen protector.

2. Pull up very slowly on the scotch tape, making sure that the tape has a hold of the screen protector. Once the screen protector begins to pull up grasp it with your fingers and pull up on the protector.

3. Use duct tape if the scotch tape is not giving a strong enough grip to pull up the protector. Again pull very slowly to avoid any damage to your device.

4. Clean the devices screen once the protector is removed. A good product for cleaning mobile devices is the “Proporta Mobile Device Cleaner” simply spray the contents from the bottle on your screen and wipe off any sticky residue using the products included micro-cloth.

Removing A Screen Protector. The Blow Dryer Method

5. Remove your cell phones battery to avoid damage.

6. Place your hair dryers setting on low heat and slowly heat up the display on your device. Do not stay in one spot for too long as this can damage your device.

7. Slowly pull on the corner of your device after applying a slight amount of heat. Do not overheat your device.

8. Use the Proporta Screen Cleaner to once again clean your screen once the screen protector has been successfully removed.