Remove Spark Plugs On A Buell

Buell motorcycles are manufactured by Harley-Davidson. A Buell is a sport motorcycle that is made for Harley enthusiasts who want something different. The engine size, body style and number of spark plugs will differ between models. On all Buell motorcycles, the spark plugs are on the top of the engine on the right and left side. You can identify the spark plug by the rubber wire and connector in clear view on the top of the engine. Removing the spark plugs on a Buell is a fairly simple job.


1. Park the Buell motorcycle on clean, level ground. Get on one knee facing the engine. You will need to do this on both sides of the engine to remove all the plugs. Buell motorcycles have either two or four spark plugs, one or two on each side.

2. Pull the rubber connector off the top of the spark plug. Connect the socket to the ratchet by placing the square hole on the socket on the stem on the ratchet. Push them together until you hear a snapping sound.

3. Place the socket on top of the metal stem on the spark plug that is protruding from the engine. Use the ratchet and socket to turn the spark plug counterclockwise until it releases from the engine. Pull the plug from the engine. Repeat the process for the remaining plug or plugs.