Remove Stock Baffles

Depending on the motorcycle and the exhaust manufacturer, muffler baffles are held in place by one or two screws in the bottom of the muffler. These are usually Allen head screws, which may be obscured by a heat shield. The baffles on other stock mufflers, including Harley-Davidson’s, are welded in place; to get the baffle out you have to cut or break the weld.


1. Remove the heat shields from both mufflers by loosening the shield clamps with a flathead screwdriver. Inspect the mufflers — and end caps, if the mufflers have end caps — for Allen head screws.

2. Remove any Allen head screws in the mufflers with an Allen wrench. In order to remove the stock baffles you must permanently modify your mufflers, by cutting them, if you don’t find any screws.

3. Cut the welds that secure the end cap to the end of one of the mufflers, if so equipped, using a rotary cutting tool. Remove the end cap with pliers after cutting the welds.

4. Tighten a 1 3/4 hole saw in the chuck of an electric drill if the baffle is welded into the muffler shell rather than secured with a baffle screw. Insert the hole saw into the exhaust end of the muffler. Cut the weld with the hole saw.

5. Remove the hole saw and drill. Pull the baffle from the muffler with a pair of pliers.

6. Cut the welds on the second muffler using the same procedure.