Remove Tank Emblems

If you’re not fond of your motorcycle’s gas tank emblems or decals, you can remove them yourself.

There are a couple of reasons you might want to remove the emblems on your motorcycle’s gas tank. Perhaps you prefer a clean look with no emblems at all, or maybe you’d like to remove the existing emblems and personalize your bike with some you’ve chosen yourself. Whether you want to remove metal emblems or sticker-type decals from your motorcycle‘s gas tank, you can follow the same do-it-yourself method. It’s not hard to do, but does take a little time, care and patience.


1. Park your motorcycle out in the sun. Make sure the sun is shining directly on the emblem or decal you’d like to remove. Let it warm in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes. The warmth will help soften the emblem’s adhesive.

2. Spray or wipe the decal with WD-40 or adhesive remover. If you are removing a metal emblem, spray the WD-40 behind the emblem so that it will reach the adhesive. Make sure not to get too much WD-40 on the motorcycle’s paint.

3. Set your hairdryer on high. Blow hot air onto the emblem or decal for a few minutes, until the adhesive has softened further. Do not use a heat gun for this step, as heat guns get so hot that they may damage the paint on your motorcycle. A hair dryer will get hot enough to soften the glue, but not so hot that it will melt or bubble the paint.

4. Slip a length of dental floss behind the emblem or decal. “Saw’ the dental floss back and forth, gently, to cut through the adhesive and completely remove the emblem. If the glue cools and begins to harden, give it another shot with the hair dryer.

5. Clean up any residual adhesive with WD-40. Buff gently with a soft cloth.

6. Dab a little rubbing alcohol onto a clean spot on the cloth, then use it to wipe away any remaining WD-40.