Remove The Baffles In Vance Hines Straight Shot Slipons

Open-exhaust motorcycles are illegal in most communities.

Removing the baffles from a set of Vance and Hines Straight Shot exhaust pipes is a modification that should not be undertaken lightly. Not only will running open exhaust pipes cause you to lose significant amounts of low-end power, but the bike will subsequently be loud to the point of annoyance and illegal for street use in many communities. Vance and Hines produces tuned baffles, however, that you can replace your stock baffles with to obtain the sound you’re looking for while retaining your motorcycle’s power. Replacement baffles are installed in Straight Shot exhausts in the opposite way from which they are removed.


1. Remove the heat shield from the exhaust pipe by loosening the compression fitting located between the exhaust header and the muffler. With the compression fitting removed, the head shield slips out of the way.

2. Remove the screw that holds the baffle in place on the exhaust pipe. This screw is located approximately 4 inches from the end of the exhaust outlet on the bottom of the pipe.

3. Grip the flange of the baffle with the needle nose pliers and pull it straight back out of the exhaust pipe. If it feels stuck, use a rubber mallet to smack the side of the exhaust pipe until you can work the baffle free. Do the same with the second exhaust pipe, as well.