Remove The Battery From A 2000 Harley Davidson 883

Harley motorcycles are wonderful modes of transportation, until the battery fails and needs to be replaced or recharged. Unlike a car battery where you simply pop the hood and find the battery, the 2000 Harley Davidson‘s 883 battery is not in plain sight. You will need to expose the battery from behind the battery cover before it can be removed. It is not a hard job to do if you know locate the battery, and you can do the job on your own.


1. Lift the seat on the motorcycle.

2. Locate the battery cover on the lower right-hand corner. The battery cover is held securely in place with a screw. Remove the screw and put it somewhere so it doesn’t become lost.

3. Remove the nut holding the strap that goes over the battery box and then remove the strap.

4. Locate the negative black terminal and disconnect it with wrench. Move the battery cable away from the battery.

5. Loosen the red positive “+” terminal and disconnect it by loosening the cable from the battery.

6. Unclip the battery strap allowing you to remove the battery. Now you can either replace the battery or recharge it.