Remove The Clutch Cable On A 2010 Custom Sportster

New clutch cables are usually replaced to accomodate ape hanger bars.

The clutch cable on a 2010 Harley-Davidson Custom 1200 Sportster runs from the clutch lever on the left side of the handlebars to just under the clutch inspection cover in the middle of the primary. The standard replacement cable is 53 inches long. It should last longer than a year. A common reason to replace a new cable is when you install new handlebars on the bike. Be sure to install the new bars first, then measure for the new cable by duplicating the routing with a piece of wire. You can remove the original cable in a series of straightforward steps.


1. Locate the black rubber, accordion-folded clutch adjuster boot in the approximate middle of the clutch cable near the left down tube. Pull up the boot to expose the clutch adjustment nut.

2. Immobilize the clutch cable adjustment nut (the small nut) with a half-inch open end wrench. Loosen the clutch cable adjustment locking nut (the long nut) with a 9/16-inch open end wrench.

3. Turn the cable adjustment nut until there is more than an inch of free play in the clutch lever.

4. Pry loose the pivot pin retaining ring on the bottom of the clutch lever housing with a flathead screwdriver. Pull the retaining pin out of the clutch lever housing.

5. Slide the clutch lever out of the housing. Pull out the clutch cable pin, then pull the upper end of the clutch cable free.

6. Remove the Torx screws and washers from the clutch inspection cover using a Torx socket and a socket wrench. Remove the clutch inspection cover.

7. Pull the spring and hex lock plate off the clutch adjusting screw. Turn the adjusting screw clockwise to release the outer ramp, coupler and inner ramp.

8. Unscrew the nut from the end of the clutch adjusting screw by hand. Pull the hook on the coupler, then pull the clutch cable end fitting from the coupler slot.

9. Turn the end fitting counterclockwise. Pull the lower section of the clutch from the primary cover.

10. Pull the O-ring from the cable end fitting. Loosen the cable clip on the front engine mount and remove the clutch cable from the motorcycle.