Remove The Ecm From My Harley’S Electrical Panel

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Harley-Davidson refers to the electrical control module (ECM) as being plugged into the “electrical caddy.” The location of the electrical caddy, however, varies according to motorcycle model. On V-Rods and Buells, the caddy is under the rear seat; Rockers and Night Trains require you to remove the rear fender to access the ECM. On most Harleys, the caddy is on the right side of the motorcycle, approximately under the seat. Check your owner’s manual if you are unsure where the electrical caddy is on your motorcycle. This procedure works for all Harley Dynas and Wide Glides.


1. Loosen and remove the bolt and washer on the rear tab of the motorcycle seat using an Allen wrench. Remove the seat by pulling up and back.

2. Disconnect the negative (black) battery terminal using a box wrench.

3. Remove the electrical caddy cover by firmly grasping both sides and pulling outward.

4. Insert a small screwdriver into the slot under each relay/fuse panel to disengage it. Insert two small screwdrivers into the slots on each side of the main fuse. Depress the tabs of the main fuse connector with the screwdrivers and remove the main fuse.

5. Depress the tab that secures the Turn Signal Module/Turn Signal Security Module (TSM/TSSM). Pull the TSM/TSSM from the electrical caddy and disconnect.

6. Disengage the data link connector by sliding it toward the front of the motorcycle.

7. Disconnect the electronic control connector. Remove the ECM.