Remove The Fairing On A 2008 Hayabusa

The fairing on the 2008 Hayabusa was designed to be easily accessible and to allow for quick removal.

Removing the fairing is necessary to perform many types of maintenance issues on your Hayabusa. Internal wiring components, as well as the motorcycle’s radiator, tank seating adjustments and other components, are accessed within the fairing. So, removing the fairing is an important step for maintaining your machine and doing many repairs yourself.


1. Locate the dash wiring on the left internal side of the motorcycle fairing. Gently slide it up and out of its mounting hook. This will keep it from getting tangled with the fairing as you attempt to remove it.

2. Use a hex wrench to remove the two hex mounting bolts on both sides of the fairing. These can be easily located by looking for the large washer mount surrounding the bolts (usually in black).

3. Remove the mounting bolts on the inside of the fairing with a 10 mm open-end wrench. These are secured to elbow brackets extending out of the frame.

4. Lift the fairing up and out, being careful not to snag any of the cables or wiring underneath it.

5. Unplug the headlight electrical assembly from its connection to the front electrical box. Press the tabs on both sides of the plug to get it to release freely.