Remove The Float In A Harley Gas Tank

Harley Davidson incorporates a fuel gauge with the instrument cluster on the tank dash of many Big-Twin and Touring models. The gauge receives input from a sending unit mounted in the top center of the fuel tank. A mechanical float/arm assembly indicates fuel level to the sending unit, which is then relayed to the fuel gauge as an electrical signal. The gauge interprets the signal and displays the status of the fuel level in the tank. The sending unit/float assembly is easily accessed and removed from the tank.


Removing the Float

1. Remove the seat from the frame. Cover the fuel tank with a thick layer of clean shop rags to prevent paint damage if a tool or part is dropped. Remove the dash hold-down bolt from the rear of the dash that was exposed by the seat’s removal. Remove the dash hold-down bolt from the center of the dash and lift the dash from its resting place. Place the dash on a clean shop rag near the handlebars, clear of the sending unit.

2. Unplug the sending unit wires. Remove the screws holding down the sending unit. Remove the grounding wire from the sending unit.

3. Carefully lift the sending unit/float assembly from the fuel tank hole. Cradle the float with a clean shop rag and prevent gas from dripping onto the bike at any point. Remove the assembly completely from the vehicle; do not lay the assembly on the tank. Remove the sending unit gasket from the tank.