Remove The Gas Tank Emblem On A Bmw Motorcycle

BMW, known as a maker of impressive cars, is also a well-respected manufacturer of motorcycles. Their bikes are known for ingenuity and engineering. BMW motorcycles wear the distinctive BMW emblem or Roundel. The motorcycle’s gas tank mounted emblems are glued into place, and removing and replacing an old emblem with a new one is a relatively straightforward task.


1. Clean the emblem and the area around it with a lint-free rag and a mild cleaner. This will minimize the chances of scratching the paint during the removal of the emblem.

2. Use a heat gun to help soften the glue by turning the heat gun on and then running it around the emblem. This is not absolutely necessary but will make removing the emblem a little easier. If you do not have a heat gun you may skip this step.

3. Remove a length of dental floss that is long enough that you can hold onto each end tightly and leave about six to eight inches in the middle.

4. Beginning at the top of the emblem, carefully slide the dental floss between the emblem and the gas tank. Pull the dental floss down behind the emblem, working it back and forth in a cutting motion to release the adhesive used to fasten the emblem in place from the tank.

5. Set the emblem aside once you have pulled the floss all the way down the surface behind the emblem.

6. Wipe the area under the emblem with a lint-free rag and a cleaner such as Goof Off, which will remove residue left on the tank from the adhesive.

7. Install the new emblem if you are replacing the old one. Apply a layer of emblem adhesive to the back of the emblem and then hold the emblem against the gas tank in the proper position until the glue has dried.