Remove The Harley Davidson Gear Shifter

Shifters are one of the most customizable parts of a motorcycle.

Motorcycle gear shifters, after time and extended usage, can wear out and become hard to use. A rider can also simply dislike a stock shifter and wish to replace it with an aftermarket shifter. The process of changing out shifters on Harley Davidson motorcycles requires only a few basic tools and several minutes of time.


1. Park your Harley in a flat, accessible area. Be sure that the motorcycle is very stable on its kickstand.

2. Remove the mounting bolt on top of the shifter shaft using a 12mm socket wrench. This bolt may be tight, so be ready to use some force, if needed.

3. Slide the shifter off the shaft. If the lever doesn’t want to slide, try twisting it back and forth as you slide it off the shaft.

4. Slide the replacement shifter onto the shaft at the angle desired. The toothed shaft will match with the full radius of the mounting hole on the shifter.

5. Replace the mounting bolt on the top of the shifter assembly. Tighten down the bolt to prevent possible slipping.