Remove The Ignition Key Switch On A 2008 Harley Street Glide

Remove the ignition key switch on your 2008 Harley Street Glide.

The 2008 Harley Street Glide is one of the top-rated touring bikes in the world. It can give you countless hours of biking pleasure, but may require an occasional repair. If your 2008 Harley Street Glide needs a new ignition key switch, you can remove the ignition key switch by yourself at home. This task is relatively simple and is able to be completed in less than an hour; you will only need a set of slotted screwdrivers and the Harley’s ignition key.


1. Switch the ignition to the unlocked position and keep the key in the lock assembly.

2. Unlock the forks by turning the ignition assembly to the “Off” position. Make sure to keep the key in the ignition.

3. Twist the handlebars completely to the right.

4. Switch the lock assembly to the “Access” setting; be sure to keep the key in the ignition.

5. Look beneath the bike on the lower left side of the lock assembly; in the back left corner of the lock assembly you should see a small button.

6. Push and hold the small button with a screwdriver; continue to hold the button down while you push and turn the key 60 degrees counterclockwise. Make sure to only push the key itself, not the whole knob.

7. Pick up and carefully remove the knob.

8. Perform these steps in reverse order to reinstall the ignition key switch; when reinstalling, however, there is no need to push the small button on the lock assembly.