Remove The Oil Filter In A Harley

For many Harley-Davidson riders, maintaining their motorcycle themselves provides a source of pride as they learn new skills. Many of these basic maintenance routines, such as engine oil and filter changes, are easy enough to learn in the comfort of your own garage and can extend the life of your motorcycle by keeping it in a proper state of tune. However, newer motorcyclists often question how oil filters are removed and what steps must be taken to do it.


Oil Filter Removal

1. Drain the engine oil first. Locate the engine oil drain plug bolt on the underside of the motor and place a catch basin beneath it.

2. Remove the drain plug bolt with an appropriately sized socket and allow the oil to drain until the flow has reduced to a trickle. Replace the drain plug bolt.

3. Slide an oil filter or strap wrench over the oil filter and twist it counter-clockwise to loosen it. Some oil filters may have a hex-type head on the top of the filter; if so, use an appropriately sized socket or wrench to loosen the filter. Unscrew and discard the oil filter.

4. Wipe away any spilled oil.