Remove The Rear Tire On A 2005 Harleydavidson Fatboy

It is helpful to know remove the rear tire on your 2005 Harley-Davidson Fatboy motorcycle. The difficult part of the project for the first timer is getting the rear tire off the rim. Also, you may need a helper if the bike is too heavy for you to lift onto a tire-changing stand. Removing the rear tire on your Fatboy requires only a few simple tools, and the job should take you less than half an hour to complete.


1. Lift and place the rear end of the Harley Fatboy onto a motorcycle tire-changing stand.

2. Unscrew the big nut that is holding the rear axle in place, using the adjustable wrench. Put the nut aside.

3. Remove the drive chain from the rear sprocket. Once the chain is off, use the hammer to knock the axle out of the axle hole. The axle secures the rear wheel to the frame.

4. Push the rear wheel toward the engine, then pull it off the bike frame. Lay the wheel on the ground.

5. Use the valve core tool to deflate the rear tire. Remove the valve core tool.

6. Insert the pry bar between the rim and the tire. Slightly lift up on the pry bar and place one tire iron on the edge of the rim where the pry bar is. Repeat until you have placed five or six tire irons all around the edge of the rim. There should be about four inches between the tire irons. The tire irons help slip the tire off the rim.

7. Push the side of the tire with the tire irons toward the other side of the rim, rotating the tire while doing so. Stop pushing the tire about midway on the rim, the narrowest part. Remove the tire irons.

8. Flip the rim over to pull the other side of the tire off. Slide the pry bar between the tire and the rim, placing the first tire iron on the rim’s edge. Continue until five or six tire irons have been placed around this side of the rim.

9. Pull the tire toward you while turning it. The tire should come off completely from the rim. Remove the tire irons.