Remove The Rear Wheel On A 2005 Harley Davidson Ultra

Remove the Rear Wheel on a 2005 Harley Davidson Ultra

Removing the rear wheel from an Ultra Classic motorcycle, the largest touring model offered by Harley-Davidson, is no small task. Unlike its smaller counterparts, the Ultra Classic’s hard saddlebags prevent access to the rear axle and wheel, making the job harder than normal. Luckily, the saddlebags are removable to allow for easier access. Once the bags are out of the way, removing the rear wheel for a tire change is fairly straightforward.


1. Open the lids of the saddlebags on the rear of the motorcycle. Locate the quick-release pins on the inner wall of the saddlebags. Rotate the fasteners counterclockwise to unlock the saddlebags and remove them from the motorcycle.

2. Unscrew the rear caliper’s mounting bolts with a socket wrench and slide the caliper upwards and off of the rear brake rotor. Using a bungee cord, secure the rear brake caliper to the frame to avoid damaging the brake line.

3. Loosen the lock nut on the left side of the rear axle using a 36 mm socket attached to a long-handled breaker bar but do not remove the nut at this time. Use a motorcycle stand to lift the rear wheel off of the ground.

4. Push the rear wheel forward to loosen the drive belt. Pull the belt off of the rear wheel’s pulley.

5. Remove the lock nut from the rear axle. Remove the wheel adjustment cam and washer from the left side at the end of the rear axle. Using a rubber mallet, tap the rear axle out from the right side of the swing arm. Lower the wheel to the ground and roll it away from the motorcycle.